Clinical Studies

If you suffer from chronic low back pain, you may be a candidate for the INTRACEPT Clinical Study. The study is evaluating the Intracept Procedure – a minimally invasive procedure for the relief of chronic low back pain.

Initial Qualification Criteria

● Ages 25 to 70.● History of chronic low back pain for at least six (6) months.● Have not received adequate relief through non-operative, conservative treatments of at least six (6) months.● Available to complete specific tests, questionnaires, and follow-up visits over a 24-month period.
If you qualify and choose to participate, you will be treated by Dr. Nguyen and will receive all study-related care at no cost. This includes the Intracept Procedure, as well as any examinations or visits associated with the study.

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Chronic low back pain causes

What Causes Chronic Low Back Pain?

Although chronic low back pain has many causes, it is believed that one of the key contributing factors is the basivertebral nerve. The basivertebral nerve is a pain-sensing nerve that is embedded within the bones of the spine called vertebrae. This nerve branches to the surfaces of the vertebrae, exposing it to the everyday movements and stresses placed on the spine.
Over time, accumulated stress on the vertebrae can put pressure against this exposed nerve, causing severe low back pain – even during normal, everyday movement. The pain triggered by the nerve may force sufferers to avoid a variety of activities, taking a substantial toll on overall quality of life.

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